Tempered Glass Replacement

When you wish to guarantee the protection of your storefront with the maximum strength of tempered glass, we’re the storefront commercial company you need. Tempered glass offers your business outstanding protection from hurricanes, extreme wind, and debris. Help to make us your tempered glass installation provider when you want to spend in the security of your business property.

In many cases, lightly scratched tempered glass can be restored to its original beauty without the expense of replacing it. We have a few compounds available to use as a tempered glass scratch remover.

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Advantages Of Tempered Glass

Professional Inspect the Damage

In many cases, lightly scratched tempered glass can be restored to its original beauty without the expense of replacing it. First, clean the glass thoroughly with glass cleaner and a soft rag so you can get a good look at the damage. If the scratch catches your fingernail, it may be too deep to remove with DIY methods. In this case, the best course of action is to request help from a professional.

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Tempered glass technology

Tempered glass is treated with heat or chemicals to change its crystalline structure. This ensures that it can sustain mild to moderate impacts and that it shatters into small chunks upon breaking, reducing the risk of injury to those in the vicinity. Storefronts made of tempered glass are solid choices for most commercial and retail businesses.

Advantages Of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass provides up to four to five times the strength of regular glass. The process of glass tempering involves cutting the sheet of glass to the selected specifications, quickly heating it to 1,400 degrees, then cooling again within two minutes. Once tempered, the bed sheet does not break into shards the way regular glass does.

Safer: One of the most evident and valued benefits of tempered glass is that it is safer. Tempered glass is stronger, so it resists breakage. But when it does break, tempered glass disperses into blunt, pebble-like pieces, rather than the sharp shards of traditional glass. The sharp pieces of regular broken glass can cause deep cuts and severe injury and are very difficult to clean up thoroughly. Choosing tempered glass to prevent serious injury that can occur when glass breaks and keeps your family protected.

Stronger: Tempered glass is not only safer if it does break, it’s also less likely to break because it is strengthened. The strength of tempered glass means it can stand up to impacts, blows, scratches, strong winds and other weather events. Because of the resistance of tempered glass, it’s often used in high-rise buildings and commercial settings where it can withstand higher forces.

Scratch and Damage Resistant: Tempered glass is ideal for residential doors and commercial windows, partitions, and doors, as it is more scratch resistant and will stand up to everyday use and wear and tear. Using tempered glass for glass doors, display cabinets and windows ensures these surfaces stay flawless and clear for longer.

Heat Resistant: When a regular glass is exposed to heat, it can shatter causing dangerous shards of glass to disperse. However, the unique process that tempered glass goes through in production allows it to withstand even high temperatures. This is one of the reasons that tempered glass is required in bathrooms where exposure to hot water is likely.

Design Versatility: Because of the strength of tempered glass, it can be used in many creative and unique applications. Tempered glass is required for frameless shower doors and other frameless glass structures like partitions and commercial doors. These add an innovative and stylish effect to both residential and commercial spaces.

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